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Welcome to The Department!

So, what is The Department all about?

Choices. One thing that is great, is that we live in era of choices. For educators- or those of us interested in education- this can be a blessing or a curse in the 21st Century. There's a LOT of information. There's a LOT to follow. Some would say- there's too much. There are some amazing educators on Twitter, yet, if you've ever tried to work with getting educators to use Twitter or social media- they can get overwhelmed and confused. It can be too much, especially with how Twitter has grown over the years, with hashtags and chats. As a result, the best content doesn't always rise to the top, and it can become a lot of work to find what you want- when you want it.

Discovery. I wondered if there was a way to make these amazing resources... palatable. And not just palatable, but consumable, discoverable, engaging, and viral. This is why The Department exists.

In fact- we're here to help you make this all easier.

The Department is a social discovery tool for educators. We're a newsletter. We're a publisher. We're a promoter. We publish original content, and curate content from many of the education leaders, makers, and shakers in the innovative education space. More than that- The Department gives publishers, educators, and brands a quick and easy way to reach the audience that they wish to reach.

Engagement. By using Twitter, Facebook, RSS, and other social tools- we highlight specific, curated content that helps Take Education Forward and helps educators find new and fascinating topics, categories, news, strategies, and tricks for their practice.

Find a new blog that highlights new education tools? Great- subscribe to that blog! Find a new education podcast or video show? Great- subscribe to them! The Department is here to bring those innovators to you.

Reach. For educators who are looking to build a Personal Learning Network, we put the most innovative education content and social influencers on a platter for you to discover. Depending on your education focus- whether you're an "EduPreneur" or a classroom teacher looking for new and unique Web tools to use with your classroom- The Department is your discovery zone. We're education- from PreK to Higher Ed- we've got you covered.

The nice thing about The Department- is that we reach teachers the way they want to be reached. And for education content producers and brands who are trying to reach them- The Department is your bridge to those educators.

They can subscribe via a newsletter and receive a beautiful digest from which to read each day. This helps the content creators reach new eyes, it helps brands reach more eyes, and it helps educators improve their practice.

So- engage, follow, learn, and publish with The Department. You are going to love it!

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